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Beauty Branding Checklist + Guide: Part Two

Here’s my highly suggested list of professionals to hire and when to hire them for your branding needs!

As a brand & graphic designer my job is always the easiest when a client isn’t afraid of investing in the right professionals at the right time!

More times than not, I have inquiries for web design but the client has ZERO content for their website.

By content - I’m talking professional images, compelling copywrite for their bio & messaging, even sometimes the logo

And without these being readily available to me, what am I to do?!

This list should provide helpful insight on who you should consider hiring in the branding process and when.

If you find yourself asking “what’s next” then you should hire a brand strategist. They’re going to map things out for you so that you’re not investing into things that don’t serve your brand or audience. Don’t sleep on this service, I’m noticing more and more a lot of brands could truly benefit from this!

If you’ve done countless photo shoots but they’re all the same, no direction or clarity on what you do? Hire a brand photographer who can bring in the right elements to capture the essence of what you do and who you serve.

Not sure what to do with your professional images? Have products or services you want to promote in a more professional way? Hire a brand designer that can create the right digital designs for your products & services to increase visibility + attract the audience you’re after.

Not sure what to say about your products & services without sounding cheesy? Tired of the basic about me section on your website? 😬Hire a copywrite professional that can create the messaging your brand needs.

Now you’re ready to hire your web designer to put the pieces together so your brand has a space for your audience to connect with you outside of social media.

If you’re in need of any of the listed services please reach out! I’d love to connect you with some of the professionals I know!

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