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Beauty Branding Checklist + Guide: Part One

If you’re just getting started with taking your idea of building a successful beauty brand and turning it into a reality, this blog post series is for you!

We all start somewhere and more times than not (myself included) we start the process backwards.

But now is the time to look through the lens of an entrepreneur vs just being a beauty service provider

Here’s a quick checklist I created in hopes to shed some light on a few important steps to consider BEFORE you hire someone to “just do a logo”

1 - Establishing a name that’s brand-able & unique. Not all biz names translate effectively into a logo. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be intentional and mindful in the process of naming your business. Is the name you came up with able to stand the test of time as your brand and the beauty industry grows? Is it unique enough to set yourself apart from similar businesses?

2 - Find your niche, and you’ll find your audience! You know the bread isle meme that circulates around every year to encourage ppl to start a business regardless of how many others are doing it? Yeahhhh, well even those bread brands on the shelf know it’s important to establish a lane (niche) so they can connect with their target audience.

3 - Your brand voice is the personality you bring to your audience be it through a social media post or the copy on your website, being clear about how you want to show up through your brand voice will allow you to connect with your target audience and help build a sense of community.

4 - Hire a professional!! Stop vetting professional services solely based on price. While pricing does play a factor, the focus should be more on the value & quality the professional can provide for your brand and whether their line of work is in alignment with you’re looking for. Make the necessary investments to help position yourself in the market as a reputable and properly branded beauty biz.

Next: “Who to hire & when” checklist

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