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  • I'm a Virgo 

  • My personality has been compared to Daria at times.

  • I am not as shy as people think. 

  • I judge you from your vibe

  • I love hearing about other people's passions and talents

  • I like turning any idea into a business 

  • I love Vampire Diaries

  • Favorite movie is Inception 

  • Favorite vacation is cruising with babe 

  • Favorite food is babe's lasagna & seafood

  • My vibe attracts creatives

  • Always in search for the next thing to get my creative juices flowing

  • I am selective of who I work with

  • I hate taking group photos or pictures in general..selfie me please

  • My idea of going out is not...

  • I love movie marathons or binge watching TV Shows

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