Imposter Syndrome kicked my a** in November!

Whew! Talk about being optimistic about a new month! December is here and I for one am very grateful. November kicked my ass. Literally, physically & mentally. I was completely checked out of business. Imposter Syndrome kicked in full speed, creative block was activated, and of course health problems decided to mount up.

I’m not sure exactly why it happened, but it seems a trigger for imposter syndrome for me is not getting it right the first time around for a design client. Creating something I feel is a master piece - sending it to the client, and then get the awful dreaded response of so many edits that basically means they are not satisfied.

I had this happen with not just one client, but 3! All at the same time. So what did that do? Pushed back my deadlines to complete each job, which led me to spiral down a road of endless revisions trying to satisfy each client, and my creativity eventually being sucked completely dry!

Imposter Syndrome kicks in full speed ahead, and I’m now feeling that I may not be qualified for this graphic + web design thing. Forget the fact that I’ve been doing this for 17 years and have great experience and have done some great things in the past, literally as recent as October. I still felt a sense of failure!

Which caused me to step away from social media - which if you know how the algorithm works, then you know taking a break away isn’t the best idea when you’re trying to build engagement and grow your brand. But, I did it anyway.

Which leads me to now, 2nd day of December. Still bruised from November’s ass kicking but optimistic about the next 30 days and getting back on track. This blog post is one of the efforts I’m putting forth to do so.

I have seen some very helpful advice on how to get past imposter syndrome and one was to do a few passion projects which I will definitely work on in between some of my paid projects.

What are some things you do to beat Imposter Syndrome or creative block?


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