I've never been into the third party perspective about me write ups.  Never really been into talking about myself either...so I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet - maybe a little witty but nothing too lengthy...Here goes nothing....my official... "About Me"

I'm a very introverted creative...Florida born and raised from a small unknown town to most called Largo.  I grew up with 3 other siblings and lived a very much sheltered yet very entertaining life, raised by a very strict but loving grandmother.  

Growing up we spent many days inside the house while other kids played out side.  We had movie marathons, had pillow fights, played bank teller, and hiking adventures, and watched a lot of 90s sitcoms...(put me up against ANYONE in trivia about pop culture).  My earliest memory of tapping into my creativity was admiring my second oldest sister's ability to sketch and do some amazing things with her artistry and me of course wanting to do the same. 

She inspired me to express myself creatively through sketching.  I didn't realize it then, but those days had a huge impact on where I am at today in life.

Throughout my high school years, I had many career aspirations.  I wanted to be a massage therapist and a bartender to help fund my tuition at Full Sail College, because I was going to be a music engineer/producer like Kanye West (*Fun fact: I also used to rap..and you may or may not be able to find some raps I did online, I'm still trying to find out how to log in and delete them from my old myspace, ugh..so embarassing.  I wanted to be an author, I had started writing a mystery novel on summer break in middle school...wish I could find that word doc...it was a thriller based in Colorado inspired by the book "The Hitchhiker" By R.L. Stine.


My senior year of high school I landed my first job as a dining room server in a retirement community, and due to the untimely passing of my oldest sister at just 23 years old, I kind of lost sight of all of those aspirations became a work horse.  

I worked full time and decided I would get into graphic design more seriously after the launch of my mom's T-shirt printing company.  This would be my side hustle/hobby until I found a love for makeup artistry after being diagnosed with Lupus. 


I co-founded and operated a makeup company called The Artistry of Makeup in 2012.  Within that company, I not only grew as a makeup artist, but I gained a wealth of experience with branding and design by developing our company website and creating all digital marketing material for all of our projects.  Simultaneously while developing my craft, I had also been promoted to a Sales & Marketing position at my full time job at the retirement community, to which I am still employed today.  The experience in Sales & Marketing from a corporate level has been an extreme advantage for me to get the bigger picture when it comes to marketing, branding, and selling.  

In 2017 I developed this hunger to learn more about business and self improvement, so I started listening to podcasts and reading books.  After reading a book called "Being Boss" I instantly got inspired to help other beauty brands that may be struggling to properly brand and monetize their business.  What better way to merge the two things that I love..Branding through Graphic Design and Beauty! 


I am a strong believer in the fact that people are visual buyers - and not to get pretty gross here, but if you package dog shit the right way you can sell it....This is why Project Beauty Brand was born....(not to help package dog shit)...to help aspiring and established beauty-preneuers present themselves in the BEST way possible on a digital level.

When I'm not working my full time corporate job - and not slaving away at the computer designing websites - I love spending time with my boyfriend and my dog Melo doing movie marathons, eating good food, sleeping, and spending time with family.

  • I'm a Virgo 

  • My personality has been compared to Daria at times.

  • I am not as shy as people think. 

  • I judge you from your vibe

  • I love hearing about other people's passions and talents

  • I like turning any idea into a business 

  • I love Vampire Diaries

  • Favorite movie is Inception 

  • Favorite vacation is cruising with babe 

  • Favorite food is babe's lasagna & seafood

  • My vibe attracts creatives

  • Always in search for the next thing to get my creative juices flowing

  • I am selective of who I work with

  • I hate taking group photos or pictures in general..selfie me please

  • My idea of going out is not...

  • I love movie marathons or binge watching TV Shows